Monday, April 15, 2013

Get Back to Your Roots! (with Ottolenghi)

This week it's time to Get Back to Your Roots with Yotam Ottolenghi.

IHCC Root Veg Collage

No matter which season you're enjoying right now, you're sure to be able to find a root vegetable to grace your plate ... radish, daikon, carrots, parsnip, beetroot, celeriac, turnips, yams, salsify, sweet potato, everybody's favourite root vegetable - the humble potato, and of course many more that I haven't mentioned.

And if you're wondering what to do with those root vegetables, there's no doubt that Ottolenghi is the man to help you out.  There is an abundance of vegetable dishes in every one of Ottolenghi's three books - Ottolenghi:  The Cookbook, Plenty, and Jerusalem: A Cookbook - and many more in his weekly online column for The Guardian.


Or maybe you want to interpret the theme more figuratively, and choose an Ottolenghi dish which rekindles some nostalgic food memories from your own cultural food heritage - if so, you'll discover that while many of Yotam's recipes stem from his own "food roots", there is a vast array of dishes which cross all cultural boundaries.  If there's one of his dishes that takes you back to your own roots, then we'd love to hear about it.

So, digging into those Root Vegetables or exploring your Food Roots ... you choose.  Just make sure you choose an Ottolenghi recipe and post your dish by Sunday 21 April.

Don't forget to link your dish, as well as a thumbnail image, below.  Please remember to leave a comment after linking so that we don't miss out on your dish.

New to IHCC?  Need help linking up?  Please see our Welcome pageIf you have any questions, please leave a comment below and we will get back with you.

If you missed our Loving the Leaf theme last week, be sure to click on the links and check out all the fabulous leafy dishes everyone made - personally, I want to try them all!!  A special IHCC welcome also to all our new participants!

*** A special reminder to check out the details on the Optional Monthly Community Recipe:  a great opportunity to join in on cooking a recipe as a group.  This is a fun new IHCC feature, and our chosen recipe this month is Shakshuka.


Michelle B said...

The roasted veg dish I made was eye catching and delicious.

Deb in Hawaii said...

I went with Na'ama's Fattoush from Jerusalem (featuring radishes). ;-) Refreshing with good flavors!

kitchen flavours said...

Curry Roasted for me! It was so delicious!

Susan Lindquist said...

That Royal Potato Salad is a winner ... so bright green and perfect!

Kim said...

Sue - I absolutely loved your post! I love the spin on getting back to your roots. That was a very thoughtful addition:)

I've yet to make my dish for the week. Nothing like coming in at the last minute.

Kaye said...

Oops -- I forgot to put the name of the recipe on the linky! None of these lovely salad and veggie things here. It was a cake instead.

It's really neat to see so many people participating with Ottolenghi, but, as a big Jaffrey fan, it makes me a bit sad that not as many people found her food interesting enough to try out. I really enjoy her stuff, huge variety of tasty things.

Debbie said...

I have been pleasantly surprised to find myself liking this food/recipes. It's a bit out of my box, but really good.

Kim said...

I'm coming in at the last minute with my rainbow chard and saffron omelets (they were a total labor of love). I had to get my leafy greens in this week since I did root veggies last week.

Hopefully I'll get on the ball this week!