Monday, September 27, 2010

Farewell Food

Let's raise our glasses one last time to six fabulous months with Mark Bittman!! We'd like to send a Big Thank You to everyone who has participated and cooked right along with us for the past six months. Together, as a group, we have created more than 350 of Mark Bittman's recipes and we're not finished yet! Please join us in our final week with Mark Bittman as we create FAREWELL FOOD.

What is FAREWELL FOOD? Anything is fair game at a farewell party, but you can always count on lots of cocktails! To go along with those cocktails, maybe some quick bites, finger foods, dips or crudites are in order.

Then again, it's never a bad idea to bid farewell with a sweet treat. Cupcakes, brownies, cookies, pies and cobblers are always sure to put a smile on anybody's face.

Farewell Food can be anything your heart desires. Maybe there is that one looming Bittman recipe that you always wanted to make and just never got around to. There's no better time than the present!

Perhaps you might even like to pay tribute to Bittman by choosing your favorite Bittman recipe(s) and recap them all on one fabulous blog post!

This week, anything goes for FAREWELL FOOD and we can't wait to see how you chose to say FAREWELL! Just post your recipe on or before October 3rd and don't forget to link up your post with Mr. Linky below. Remember to leave a comment when you link up, so we don't miss seeing your FAREWELL creation.

New to IHCC and not sure about how the whole deal works? Just check out the Welcome post for all of the info.

If you didn't get a chance to check out everyone's fabulous Potluck creation, no one will blame you for sneaking a peek back HERE to check it out!

Also, stay tuned because next week we are welcoming a new chef in the IHCC kitchen: Giada De Laurentiis!! The IHCC site will be getting a fabulous new look to go with our new chef.

Thanks again to everyone who has participated in our six months with Bittman! It was great cooking along with you! Let's go out with a bang this week :-)
I Heart Cooking Clubs *Farewell Food* Participants
1. Leana - Mint Brownies
2. Alex@amoderatelife-Crispy Panfried Potatoes
3. Olive Oil cookies w/ Red Wine & Rosemary @girlichef
4. Pam - Apple Crisp
5. Natashya - Fairwell Manhattan
6. Joanna@Go Ahead & Snicker
7. Yvette- Strawberry-Rhubarb pies with Streusel topping
8. Andreas - Mushroom Pasta Risotto
9. natalia
10. Kim- Apple Cider and White Wine Slushy
11. Deb In Hawaii--Roasted Corn Soup
12. SteakNPotatoesKindaGurl - Scallops with Basil Stuffing
13. Tiff- Pasta with Corn, Zucchini, and Tomatoes
14. Couscous & Consciousness - Homemade Ricotta
15. Chaya - Lemon Chicken Soup

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Monday, September 20, 2010

September Potluck!

It's Potluck time again!

Sadly, this is our last Potluck with Mark Bittman, so pull out that Bittman recipe you have been saving to try, or maybe you want to remake a previous Bittman favorite. Either way...

Get ready for our September Potluck!

Anything goes for a Potluck dish, as long as it is a Bittman recipe of course!

Post your Potluck creation by Sunday, September 26th and don't forget to link up your post with Mr. Linky below. Remember to leave a comment when you link up, so don't miss seeing your fab creation. New to IHCC and not sure about how the whole deal works? Just check out the Welcome post for all of the info.

Speaking of fab food, if you didn't get a chance to check out all the cheesy-goodness for last week's "Say Cheese!" theme, go back and take a look at what cheesy delights everyone selected to make.

It is going to be hard to say goodbye to Mark Bittman next week, and I am sure everyone has already checked out the poll results for our newest cook, starting in October, but just in is Giada De Laurentiis. It was a close race between Giada and Lidia Bastianich, with Giada taking an early lead, then Lidia coming from behind and dominating the votes until the eleventh hour when Giada jumped ahead and won the popular vote. Such drama! ;-) With four great cooks/chefs, it was really a no-lose situation, and of course we can put Lidia up for another vote later on. We will be posting October's themes soon, and also giving IHCC a bit of a facelift to welcome Giada, including adding some links to her website and sources for her recipes. So get ready!

See you all at the Potluck with your best Bittman dish!

I Heart Cooking Clubs *September Potluck!* Participants
1. Lucia
2. Lucia - Pasta with White Sausage and Greens
3. Natashya - Pasta with Herbed Ricotta and Dried Cherries
4. Joanna@Go Ahead & Snicker - Zucchini & Goat cheese Quiche
5. Deb In Hawaii--Sesame Shrimp Toasts & Egg Drop Soup
6. Alex@amoderatelife-Corny Bacon Corn Bread
7. Couscous & Consciousness - Gabrielle's Sticky Lemon Squares
8. girlichef~ Fettuccine w/ Heirloom Tomatoes
9. Joanne - Butternut Squash Enchiladas with Red Mole
10. Kim- Bittman Meets Symon
11. Leana - Baked Macaroni and Cheese
12. Molasses-Ginger Cookies

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Say Cheese!

Feeling cheesy?  I know I am. Always!  Well, channel your inner cheesehead, because we're talking cheese all week long here! 
Have you ever wanted to make your own cheese?  Fresh fromage?  Quick queso?  Well, now's your chance...don't be shy!  How to Cook Everything Vegetarian has some super simple, basic recipes for making fresh cheese (think ricotta or cottage cheese...even a method for brining your fresh cheese).  If that's one you don't have and can't pick up from the library, I'd be glad to email you one of the simple recipes...just leave a comment w/ your email address. 
(This is fresh cheese curd that I made a while back...if you do decide to make a fresh cheese, you can link it up over at Forging Fromage, as well!)
But of course we're not requiring you to make your own cheese (although personally, I totally encourage it) so if you'd rather dive into the world of ooey, gooey cheesy macaroni...or homemade cheese crackers...or cheesy potatoes...or cheesy bread...anything that features cheese as a main ingredient (remember, cheese is queen this week)...then by all means, make that!!
A staple at our turkey day table!
Alrighty then friends...get your cheese on!'s it!

Make and post your Say Cheese! recipe by Sunday, September 19th. Don't forget to link your post of the week's with Mr. Linky below, so we can all enjoy your fabulous creation! Remember to leave a comment
after, each week that you use Mr. Linky to link your post, just to be sure we don't miss anyone.

Not sure what a permalink is? Check out our Welcome post.

If you missed the Damn, that's Sexy! theme last week, be sure to head on over and see all of the delicious dishes everyone brought!  Don't forget, we're cooking through the recipes of Mark Bittman right if you've linked up, be sure that you've used/adapted one of his recipes for your post!
I Heart Cooking Clubs *Say Cheese* Participants
1. Deb In Hawaii--Insalata Caprese
2. Mary/Basic Quiche
3. Natashya - Bean and Cheese Empanadas and a Strawberry Cream Cheese Tart
4. Kim- Bean & Rice Burritos with Cheesy Salsa
5. girlichef~ Homemade Ricotta Cheese
6. Joanna@Go Ahead & Snicker - Whole Wheat Ricotta Pancakes with Fall Fruit Compote
7. natalia

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Damn, that's Sexy!

Let's face it, food is sexy. Some food is sexier than others of course. Fruit seems to be high on the sexy scale, with the possible exception of rambutan (funny looking) and durian (alarmingly odoriferous). But berries of all sorts, mangoes, bananas.. all very sexy.
Sometimes it is the way you present a meal, the love that went into it, the carefully selected ingredients and perfectly plated masterpiece - that you deliver in a rather low cut ensemble.

Sharing food is sexy, food is interactive - have fun with it!

Spicy food can be sexy. Turn up the heat in your kitchen!

Of course having someone cook dinner for you is very sexy. Maybe your partner will make you a fabulous meal this week..

Even some desert island fare..

Of course some people are sexy no matter what they eat.

Now get your sexy self into the kitchen and show us what you've got!

Find a Mark Bittman dish that turns you on. Cook it up, post it, and link up with Mr. Linky (below) on or by September 12th.

Remember to leave a comment after linking your permalink, just so we don't miss anyone. Not sure what a permalink is? Check out our Welcome post.

I Heart Cooking Clubs *Damn, that's Sexy!* Participants
1. Joanne - Spicy Pork with Cinnamon
2. DebinHawaii--Pasta w/ Browned Butter, Sage & Parmesan
3. Joanna - Feta Stuffed Turkey Meatballs with Linguine with Yellow Zucchini
4. Alex@amoderatelife-Chocolate Mousse
5. Kim- Chickpea and Zucchini Tagine
6. Andrea at Nummy Kitchen -- Roasted Red Pepper and Ricotta Calzones
7. girlichef~ Poblano Custard
8. Couscous & Consciousness - Caramelised French Toast with Raspberry Compote
9. Natashya - Cinnamon Hazelnut Rice Pudding
10. Lucia
11. Debbie/Friday friends-Spanish Tortilla

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