Monday, July 28, 2014

Serving Up Salads!


Salads are so very versatile!  They can take center stage as a colorful and gorgeous main course, shine on the side as a light side dish, or whet your appetite before the main arrives.  Come to think of it.....salad can even be made into dessert!!!

Who knew Serving Up Salads was so much fun?

Grab those cookbooks, or look online, and choose any Nigel Slater recipe that gets you Serving Up Salads!  Please make and post your dish by Sunday, August 3rd.  

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If you missed our Off The Spice Rack theme last week, be sure to click on the links and check out all the wonderful dishes everyone made.

**photo credit to Sue of Couscous & Consciousness and Deb of Kahakai Kitchen


Zosia said...

I went with a tasty warm salad with roasted veg, chickpeas and ham.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Adored the Salad of Fennel, Edamame, Arugula and Parmesan with Crispy Croutons and Creamy Dressing that I slightly adapted from Nigel! ;-)

Kaye said...

It's salad weather, and I ended up making two different salads.

kitchen flavours said...

Delicious crunchy salad, with miso dressing.

ostwestwind said...

A simple but delicious tomato salad

Kim said...

I've been eyeballing this salad since we started cooking with Nigel. It was worth the wait!

greatseo said...

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