Monday, February 27, 2017

Picture Perfect!

As food bloggers, we know the value of food that looks good. We think about how the dish will photograph prior to cooking because we know there are certain dishes that delight the eyes and dazzle on the plate!

 Picture Perfect dishes strike us for a variety of reasons. A plate full of colorful veggies beautifully arranged, the sight of melting butter pooling off a slice of homemade bread, fruit dripping with juice, a fresh bowl of pasta oozing with melting cheese, or dainty chocolate shavings atop a fluffy chocolate mousse. It's these Picture Perfect dishes that call to us just begging to be made.  

Please post your Picture Perfect Heidi Swanson dish by Sunday, March 5th. Please remember to link a thumbnail image and leave a comment after so that we don't miss out on your dish.
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flour.ish.en said...

A plate of vibrant vegetables is always a good way to start.

Deb in Hawaii said...

I had to adapt Heidi's Fregola Sarda a bit to fit my ingredient availability but it turned out perfectly delicious and so pretty on the plate!

Kim said...

A bright and sunny bowl of carrot soup with fun toppigs!

Kim said...

Cannot find the link to comment on cucina magia's raw tomato sauce, but it is indeed beautiful!