Monday, September 3, 2018

From The Heart! {The New Voting Poll Is Up}

Cooking with ingredients you love always creates a dish that comes From The Heart!

Gather your favorite ingredients, look through Eric Ripert's recipes, and find a dish that comes From The Heart. Make and post your recipe by Sunday, September 9th. Please be sure to link a picture and comment afterward so that we do not miss your dish!

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If you missed our IHCC August Potluck last week, click the link to see what we shared. 

New Chef Voting Poll Is Up Now!
 It's an exciting time at IHCC! This week we will be voting on a new female chef. The winner will be our 19th chef here at IHCC!

*photo credit: New York Times/Getty Images 
Julia Child
The one and only Julia Child, well known for bringing French cuisine to the American public. Julia's debut cookbook, Mastering The Art Of French Cooking was so successful she was given one of the very first cooking shows on American television, The French Chef.  Julia is definitely a pioneer in the cooking world and we wouldn't be where we are today without her. It has even been said that Mastering the Art of French Cooking "did more than any other event in the last half-century to reshape the gourmet dining scene." 

 *photo credit:

Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart is truly "the domestic goddess." She is most famous for her numerous bestselling books on cooking, entertaining, baking, gardening, weddings, and decorating. Martha is also well-known for her Martha Stewart Living TV program, as well as various other shows. She is the founder of Martha Stewart Omnimedia, which has published several magazines, such as Martha Stewart Living and Everyday Food. Martha Stewart has become a household name.

 Claudia Roden
Claudia is a British cookbook writer who has authored ten books but is best known for her Middle Eastern cookbooks, A Book Of Middle Eastern Food and Arabesque - Sumptuous Food from Morocco, Turkey and Lebanon. Claudia has also worked as a food writer and on a cooking show for BBC.

 Ruth Reichl
Ruth Reichl is a chef, food writer, co-producer, author, culinary editor, a restaurant critic, and the last editor-in-chief of Gourmet Magazine. Ruth has written critically acclaimed memoirs, as well as cookbooks, such as Gourmet Today and My Kitchen Year: 136 Recipes That Saved My Life

Instructions For Voting
Please see the sidebar to vote for the chef you chose. To be fair, please vote for one chef and please vote only once. 
Voting is open from Monday, September 3rd through Sunday, September 9th. 
Winner will be announced on the sidebar Monday, September 10th. Thank you!


Diane Zwang said...

You all have made it tough this month. Two chefs that I love Julia Child and Ruth Reichl.

mshew said...

I agree with Diane, this is a tough one.

Flourishen said...

Is commiting and convicted of fraudulent act(s) a disqualifying criterion for IHCC chefs? Do we draw a line somewhere? Do we care?

Kim said...

I just can't again for the second week in a row, so since I love eggs I made Ripert's French-Style Scrambled Eggs! Go me!

Deb in Hawaii said...

I love lentils and Eric Ripert's simple soup from his Instagram account.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Regarding the comment about Martha Stewart, I think everyone needs to vote how they feel. Although she wasn't the person I ended up voting for, I feel like her crime was fourteen years ago and she did her time and seems to have bounced back career-wise with new cookbooks and shows and I have no issues with her.

Flourishen said...

Thanks for clarifying. In places where I worked, I wouldn't have been able to take or keep my job without a clean criminal record. That's the standard I've abided by. Most likely, I wouldn't want to support or promote any chef, man or woman, on my blog with anything less than, what in my mind, a minimum standard. Furthermore, I have concerns about the proverbial slippery slope. I hope we don't nominate chefs who have been accused of harassing or assaulting women. #MeToo. I believe the line has to be drawn somewhere!

Deb in Hawaii said...

Understood and everyone needs to vote their heart and/or choose what to do if someone they don't agree with for any reason is selected. Rest assured we would not knowingly put up a nomination of any chef accused of harassing or assaulting anyone (regardless of their sex) & for anything in that vein or otherwise, or worse.

Flourishen said...

No names were mentioned. Nothing personal against any individual chef. It's certain appalling fraudulent acts and behavior that I feel have no place in our day-to-day attempts in serving up something good and tasteful. I hope we can all agree on that!