Monday, September 3, 2012

¡Esta Rojo!

¡Esta Rojo!

It's all about the red...or shades of red...this week.

Red inflames us, gets our motor revving, and excites both body and mind. 

It's also rich in nutrients, you know, eat the rainbow and all that. 

Rick has tons of red dishes in his books, the hard part will be choosing which one to make! 

So whether you make a delicious red appetizer....

Main course.....

Or even desserts or cocktails.... It's bound to be a wonderfully red week. ¡Esta Rojo!

Whip up your little red dish from one of Rick Bayless's recipes and post it on or by Sunday, September 9th. Link up with Mr. Linky, below, and leave a comment so we can all see your brilliantly colourful foodstuffs!

If you need more information about participating in I♥CC, please see our Welcome page.

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I Heart Cooking Clubs *¡Esta Rojo!* Participants
1. Michelle ~ Brava Steaks w/ Lazy Salsa
2. Kitchen Flavours - Honey Barbecue Baked Beans
3. Deb in Hawaii--Jamaica Flower Sangria
4. Heather- Essential Sweet-n-Smoky Chipotle Paste
5. Kim - Quick and Easy Arroz con Pollo
6. Glennis - Pork-Potato Tacos w/ Salsa
7. Natashya - Red Rice and Salsa!
8. JamieK - Fresh Melon Cooler
9. What's Cookin' SMA??? Watermelon Refreshments

Your votes are in! 
The next chef we will be cooking with is 
Madhur Jaffrey! 
We start up with her in October, 
it's going to be a spicy six months! 

Madhur Jaffrey, I♥CC chef Oct-March


Michelle B said...

Brava Steaks w/ Lazy salsa of my life!!! Steaks were pretty good too. I have some good things coming up for the next two weeks. On a roll w/ Rick!

kitchen flavours said...

My post is up, delicious bowl of baked beans!
I'm already feeling the "I miss you, Rick Bayless" !!!

Deb in Hawaii said...

I made Rick's Jamaica Sangria with Cointreau--a pretty red sangria that was delicious and refreshing. ;-)

Kim said...

Changed up Rick's arroz con pollo to include rotisserie chicken. It was fabulous! One of our favorites.

Anonymous said...

Yumm! I made Rick's Pork and Potato Taco filling using the remaining sauce from his Shredded Beef recipe, with Rick's Classic Mexican Salsa on the side! to see what you all have been cooking!

NKP said...

I did double duty again this week - red tomato rice and a mellow salsa!

Jamie K said...

My post is up. What a shocker, I got it up 7 minutes before the last day. Yay! Watermelon Cooler! I've had a few tonight, with a little added adult beverage!