Monday, August 27, 2012

Out(side) of Mexico!

 This week we're going on a little trip.
 We're going Out(side) of Mexico to
explore all the other cuisines Rick has to offer.

While the majority of Rick's books are full of Mexican recipes, Rick and Lanie's Excellent Kitchen Adventures, is a testament to Rick's knowledge and understanding of many other cuisines.  In this book, you will find a taste of American, Italian, Irish, Spanish, Thai, Japanese, and even Moroccan dishes.

If you're lucky enough to have a copy of Rick and Lanie's Excellent Kitchen Adventures, then I'm sure you will find all kinds of fabulous dishes to chose from this week.  If you do not own a copy of the book, a list of the recipes follows below. Simply leave a comment asking for the recipe you'd like, as well as your email address, and the recipe will be emailed to you so you can participate.

Bayless Family Caesar Salad *Peruvian Shrimp Ceviche*Peruvian Potatoes a la Huancaina*Peruvian Chicken and Rice*Grilled Pizza w/ Goat Cheese, Green Salsa, and Bacon*Levita's Egg & Cheese Souffle*Hickory House Sweet Slaw*Hickory House "Sour" Slaw*Hickory House Deviled Eggs*Hickory House Potato Salad*Hickory House Stuffed Pickles*Hickory House Barbecue Sauce*Hickory House Barbecue Ribs*The World's Greatest Chili*Chicken Pie {aka Chicken 'n Biscuits}*Hickory House Twice-Baked Potatoes*Goat Cheese Grits*Hickory House Barbecued Beans*Crispy-Tender Biscuits*Peach Cobbler*Grandma's Moist Apple Cake {or Muffins}*Rick's Favorite Chocolate Birthday Cake*Eggs on the Eights*

Bob's Dutch Baby*French Gougeres {Cheese Puffs}*French Warm Goat Cheese Salad*Potato-Leek Soup w/ Bacon*Creamy Radish Leaf Soup*Chicken in Mustard Sauce*Poached Salmon w/ Irish Butter Sauce*Tartiflette - French Potato and Cheese Supper*Balsamic Green Beans*Tuscan Pasta w/ Tomato Sauce*Bayless Family Pasta w/ Pesto*Yogurt Cheese, served French Style*Hot Chocolate Souffles*French Crepes*Nutella Crepes*Sticky Orange-Butter Crepes {flamed or not}*French Profiteroles*Rustic French-Style Fruit Pie*Classic Chocolate Truffles*Crispy Meringue Shells w/ Ice Cream and Fruit "Salsa"*Moroccan Roasted Pepper and Tomato Salad*Ham Salad from the Tapas Bar*Baked Goat Cheese w/ Garlicky tomato Sauce*Spanish Garlic Potato Salad*Mediterranean Coast Gazpacho*Moroccan Meatballs in Tomato Sauce*Preserved Lemon Chicken w/ Olives*Moroccan Beef or Lamb Kebabs*Paella - Spanish Rice w/ Chicken, Shrimp, and Ham*Vietnamese Rice Paper-Wrapped Salad Rolls*Gomae- Japanese Sesame Spinach*Thai Chicken and Rice Soup*Bangkok-Style chicken Satay*Thai Red Curry w/ Duck {or Pork or Chicken}*Thai Cucumber Salad*Homemade Thai Red Curry Paste*Street Vendor Pad Thai*Teriyaki Chicken Donburi*Sweet and Sour Stir-Fry*

Bacon and Egg Fried Rice*Our Favorite Homemade Sushi Maki Rolls*Chinese Potsticker Dumplings*Chinese Celebration Hot Pot*Thai Coconut Sticky Rice w/ Mango
 Please make and post your Out(side) of Mexico dish by Sunday, September 2nd.  Please remember to link your dish to Mr. Linky below so that we don't miss out on your tasty dish.  

If you are new to IHCC, please see the Welcome page for more information. 

If you missed our second to last Potluck with Rick last week, be sure to head over and check out all the delicious food!

I Heart Cooking Clubs "Out(side) of Mexico!" Participants
1. Michelle ~Chicken in Mustard Sauce
2. Heather - Chicken 'n Biscuits (Chicken Pie)
3. Natashya - Ham Salad
4. Glennis - Peanut Dipping Sauce
5. Natashya - Chicken in Mustard Sauce
6. Kim- Hickory House Baked Beans
7. Deb in Hawaii--World's Greatest Chli


Heather S-G said...

I can't wait to see what happens outside of Mexico this week!! =)

Michelle B said...

Chicken in Mustard Sauce was fantastic!

I apologize in advance if I don't get to visit everyone this week. We may not have electricity past Tuesday night.

Heather S-G said...

I have been wanting to make that, Michelle! Classic comfort dish at my place...Rick's Chicken Pie (Chicken 'n Biscuits).

NKP said...

Woohoo! I am looking forward to checking out how Bayless fares outside of his comfort zone!

Tina said...

Hi all, I would like to participate if someone could send me the recipe for French gougeres. If you ate feeling extra generous, I would like the recipe for Tartiflette too :-)

Please send to Tina at
Thank you very much!!

kitchen flavours said...

Hi eveyone, Looks like I'll have to give this week a miss! Going for a few days holiday and will be back end of the week. Looking forward to next week! Have fun everyone!

Heather S-G said...

Sorry Tina, I just saw your comment. Will email you shortly!

Tina said...

Have fun, Natashya!
Thanks, Heather, you rock :-)

NKP said...

Ham salad is up! I have my eye on that mustard chicken too...

Anonymous said...

I got off the plane in Southeast Asia...made Pad Thai, Salad Rolls, and am submitting Peanut Dipping Sauce. I had so much fun!

NKP said...

We had the chicken in mustard sauce tonight - delicious!

Kim said...

I must admit...that chicken with mustard sauce was really calling my name, but I decided to go with another favorite: BEANS! LOL! We enjoyed Rick's hickory house baked beans.

Kim said...

Natashya- A ham salad that tastes like an Italian sub without the hoagie bun? That sounds delicious!! I bet it was a hit.

Michelle B said...

Natashya-the ham salad looks like a fun dish!

Deb in Hawaii said...

I didn't get all that far out of Mexico with a Tex-Mex dish but a made a vegetarian version of "The World's Best Chili" that although maybe mot the world's best, was still really good. ;-)

NKP said...

Thanks so much - it was indeed delicious. I do love a good sub, with or without the bun!