Monday, March 10, 2014

Eating of the Green! (+ New IHCC Chef Announcement!)

If the wearing of the green on St. Paddy's Day is considered good luck--then the
Eating of the Green must mean you will be very fortunate (and healthy) all year long!

This week we are celebrating Donna Hay recipes that are green or feature or use green-hued ingredients. 
There are plenty of gorgeously green foods to choose from so pick your favorite and post it by Sunday, March 16th

Please remember to link a thumbnail image of your dish and don't forget leave a comment after you link so that we don't miss out on your post.

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If you didn't get a chance to see the fabulous noodly dishes everyone made for Noodles, Noodles, Everywhere! last week be sure to click on the links and check out all the fabulous pasta concoctions that everyone made.

***The Votes Are In!***

As you can see from the poll on the side bar, popular U.K. cook and author Nigel Slater has been selected as our next IHCC chef starting March 31st! (Themes for the first 5 weeks are on the sidebar!)

Original photo from The Guardian

His website sums up his cooking style so well, we had to share it:

Author, columnist, diarist and broadcaster, he remains very much an amateur cook. Nigel is not a chef and has no restaurant or commercial connections. His food is understated, handcrafted home cooking that is easy to accomplish and without a trace of what he affectionately calls 'celebrity cheffery'. He is not fond of fussy food and prefers simple suppers made with care and thought. He believes that making something good to eat for your self or for others can lift the spirits in the way little else can.

"There is something quietly civilizing about sharing a meal with other people. The simple act of making someone something to eat, even a bowl of soup or a loaf of bread, has a many-layered meaning. It suggests an act of protection and caring, of generosity and intimacy. It is in itself a sign of respect." 

If you don't know Nigel yet, you can start checking out his many recipes at the three links below:

Kitchen at
Happy Cooking!

Looking Forward to seeing how you are Eating of the Green this week! 


Deb in Hawaii said...

A pretty Green Pea & Basil Soup (the mint pesto on the accompanying crackers will post later this week). ;-)

Zosia said...

Quick and easy grain salad with lots of greenery!

Deb in Hawaii said...

And the green continues with Mint Pesto (in pasta & on crackers...)

Michelle B said...

So...hey there, long lost IHCC friends. I've gotten my act together and am back with Donna Hay! Crab Bruschetta was light, summery, and delicious!

kitchen flavours said...

Made a simple and nice salad!
Just bought myself The Kitchen Diaries I and II, at a bargain! Could not wait to try out the recipes!
Welcome back, Michelle!

pam said...

Hmmm...I have no Nigel Slater cookbooks! Obviously the addition of more cookbooks to my collection is entirely your fault!

pam said...

Also, there is some green on the table behind my decidedly not green butternut squash.