Monday, March 7, 2016

March's Monthly Featured Chef: Rick Bayless! (And, Our New IHCC Featured Chef Announcement--The Votes are In!)

It's time for March's Monthly Featured Chef Event! The week each month where we go back and  revisit one of our previous wonderful IHCC featured chefs. 

Whether you cooked with us when this chef was featured, or joined the fun later on, we hope you will enjoy cooking along with them this week. 

March's Featured Chef: Rick Bayless

Note: Pictures in collage are from, Stirring the Pot, 
Couscous & Consciousness, & Kahakai Kitchen.

We cooked along with Rick Bayless at IHCC back in 2012 and he's a frequent go-to chef on our monthly Potluck weeks, whenever we are craving Mexican food, both for authentic dishes and those recipes with his creative spins. Rick Bayless is  known for his anthropological approach to regional Mexican cuisine, reflecting in his PBS series "One Plate at a Time." An award-winning chef, the author of nine cookbooks, and owner of several successful Chicago restaurants and  line of Frontera food products, Rick Bayless won our hearts with his many delicious recipes and we are excited to cook with him this week!

Make and post any Rick Bayless recipe (or recipes!) by Sunday, March 13th. If you cooked along with us, or have cooked with Rick Bayless before, feel free to share your favorite recipes in your post. 

Please remember to link a thumbnail image and leave a comment after linking so we don't miss out on your dish.  New to IHCC? Need help linking up? Check out our Welcome page. If you have any questions please leave a comment below and we will get back with you.

If you missed out on our Ancient Grains theme last week, be sure to click on the links and check out all the Ellie Krieger grain and seed-filled recipes that we shared. 


*** New IHCC Featured Chef Announcement!*** 

It was a close race but the votes are in and Curtis Stone just squeezed through to become our next Featured IHCC Chef

We will be finishing out the month with Ellie Krieger and begin cooking with Curtis from 4/4/16-10/2/16. April themes (featuring Curtis Stone) will be up soon and in a couple of weeks you'll see the look of the IHCC page change to reflect our new chef.

Happy Cooking!  


Joyce Rachel Lee said...

Yay! Curtis Stone!

Kim said...

Hooray for Curtis Stone! Excited to start cooking with him:)

kitchen flavours said...

Garlicky White Rice, great with chili!
Looking forward to cook with Curtis Stone! And looking forward to next month's themes too!

kitchen flavours said...

April themes are up! Great! :)

Joyce Rachel Lee said...

Avocado omelet. And oh, thanks for the new themes. So exciting!

flour.ish.en said...

Shrimp with green chile adobo.

Lydia from Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen said...

I brought Emerald Corn Chowder made from pantry ingredients instead of fresh, but still a tasty soup. Looking forward to cooking with Curtis Stone :)

Deb in Hawaii said...

I made his Mushroom Tacos with Onion & Garlic--easy and delicious--and I recapped some of my favorite Rick Bayless recipes.

Nammi said...

Yey! Its curtis stone next!!! Yey!

Kim said...

Ricky's Guacamole with Bacon & Tomato is incredible!