Monday, March 25, 2019

Goodbye Ruth!

It has been a delightful and delicious six months cooking the recipes of Ruth Reichl. A true GOURMET experience!

Ruth's recipes span multiple decades, as well as cultures, and there was always something interesting to try. If you were craving something specific, Ruth was sure to have a recipe for it! We will look forward to cooking more of Ruth's recipes in the future!

How will you say Goodbye Ruth? Is there one last recipe you'd like to try? Something you've been craving? Or, maybe you'd like to round up all of your favorite Ruth recipes? Whatever you chose, make and post your dish by Sunday, March 31st. Please link a picture, and comment below, so that we do not miss out on your dish!

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Kim said...

I absolutely adore Ruth and am so glad we were able to send six months exploring her recipes. She will go down as one of my favorites!

Deb in Hawaii said...

I just did a quick round up of 5 Ruth Reichl soups I loved. :-)