Monday, January 12, 2015

Along the Spice Trail

Along the Spice Trail

This week we're on the spice trail ... Choosing Diana Henry recipes that use exotic and aromatic spices.  Spices come in a dizzying array of colours and flavours - those which bring warmth, sweetness, earthiness, woodsiness, and even mind-blowing heat.  These are the ingredients which add nuance and complexity of flavour to dishes, both sweet and savoury, and evoke memories of meals and places past.

So get those cookbooks out or look at any of the appropriate online sources, choose any Diana Henry recipe for a dish that's Along the Spice Trail, and post your dish by Sunday 18 January.

Please remember to link a thumbnail image below, and leave a comment after you link so that we don't miss out on your post.

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If you missed our Mystery Box Madness theme last week, be sure to click on the links and check out all the wonderful dishes everyone made.


Deb in Hawaii said...

Hi All!

February themes and MBM Challenge ingredients are now posted on the side bar.

Happy Cooking!

Deb, Sue, & Kim

ostwestwind said...

I think you mean January,18th? Not August ...

Zosia said...

I made an exotically spiced fruity dessert this week. Delicious!

Thank you for posting next month's the mystery box ingredients.

TeaLady said...

I have a publication question. Would one of the administrators contact me please.


Alicia Foodycat said...

Beautiful smoky spiced fish and lentils from me! And thank you for the February themes!

Deb in Hawaii said...

A quick fish curry for me this week with cumin, coriander, chili and (lots of) tamarind. ;-)

kitchen flavours said...

Delicious spiced meatballs with spaghetti!
Thanks for the interesting Feb themes!

Joyce Rachel Lee said...

Baked peach with star anise from myself. :)

Thanks for Feb mystery box themes. :)

Kim said...

Kayi Korma Curry at my place. A little more mild than I'd like but still good.