Madhur Jaffrey Themes

Oct 1st - 7th
Welcome Madhur Jaffrey!
A potluck party of welcoming treats for our new feature chef

Oct 8th-14th
Spice Bazaar
The Indian culture revolves around spices, discover some new ones this week!

Oct 15-21st
Lentil Love
Let's hear it these lens-shaped beauties!

Oct 22nd-28th
Everything's Better with Yogurt
Tangy and creamy and good for you too! (Vegan yogurt is fine too)

October 29th - November 4th
Indian Tea Party!
Whip up a spiced tea and/or snacks for tea-time.

November 5th - November 11th
Relishes, Chutneys and Pickles
Condiments make the meal. Make a new one this week!

November 12th - November 18th
Comforting Curries
Create a little curry love to warm your heart.

November 19th - November 25th
Root, Root, Root for Root Veggies!
Inexpensive, nourishing and delicious. Use some root veggies in your dish this week!

November 26th - December 2nd
Bread Week!
Whether you bake it in the oven or fry it in a pan, make some bread this week!
Dec 3 - Dec 9
Choose any Madhur Jaffrey dish to bring to the party.

Dec 10 - Dec 16
Rice is Nice
An Indian Staple!

Dec 17 - 23
Foods to Warm You Up
Bring on the heat!

Dec 24 - Dec 30
Red and Green
Great colours for elves, great colours for veggies!
Dec 31 - Jan 6
Ring in the New Year with finger foods.

Jan 7 - Jan 13
Choose any Madhur Jaffrey dish.

Jan 14 - 20
Dried Fruit!
They add sweetness to any dish

Jan 21 - 27
Sweet Endings
Get your dessert on!

Jan 28 - Feb 3
Give Me Comfort
Comfort foods!
Feb 4-10
Choose any Madhur Jaffrey recipe

Feb 11-17
Show Your Love
A Celebration of Valentine's Day

Feb 18-24
Out of India
Chose from one of Jaffrey's many non-Indian recipes

Feb 25-March 3
Meat-Free But Flavorful
Veggies, Grains, Lentils, Fish and choose


March 4-March 10
March Potluck!

Choose any Madhur Jaffrey Recipe!

March 11-March 17
Kebab Krazy!
All About Food on a Stick! 

March 18-March 24
One Pot Wonders!
Dishes you can make using just one pot or pan

March 25-March 31
Alavida Madhur!
Make a dish to say goodbye to Madhur!


TeaLady said...

Excited to be doing Jaffrey's recipes. Haven't found a bad one yet. And the themes are great to start with.

Chef Mireille said...

just found your space here and I love the idea - sorry I missed Jamie Oliver as I LOVE him but I also own 3 of Madhur Jaffrey's books and already have done a few of her recipes on my blog so I will definitely be participating.

Kaye said...

Nice interview with Madhur Jaffrey: