Giada De Laurentiis Themes

Six Months with Giada de Laurentiis
(October 2010 - March 2011)

October 4-10th
Benvenuto Giada! Party Foods!

October 11-17th
Served Family Style

October 18-24th

October 25-31st
Chocolate Cravings


November 1st-7th
Out of Italy

November 8th-14th
Kid at Heart

November 15th-21st
Fall Favourites

November 22nd-28th


November 29-December 5
Warm the Belly, Fill the Soul
(Comfort food)

December 6-December 12
Make it Simple--The Holiday Madness is Upon Us!
(Quickies and easy fare)

December 13-December 19
What's On Your Cookie Plate?
(Cookies, candies, etc. for holiday treats)

December 20-December 26
(Anything goes - any Giada recipe that is!)

December 27-January 2
Celebrate! With Festive Finger Food & Break Open the Bubbly
(Holiday/Party Fare)


Jan 3 - 9
Resolutions - This Time I'm Going to Keep Them! (hahahaha)

Jan 10 - 16
Let's get Roasted!
(roast beef, chicken, pork..)

Jan 17 - 23
California Dreamin'
(on such a winter's day)

Jan 24 - 30
Pot Luck
(pick any Giada dish)

Jan 31 - Feb 6
You are such a Meatball!
(She loves them, we do too!)


February 7-13
That's Amore!
(romantic fare)

February 14-20
Using Your Noodle

February 21-27
(any Giada dish that tickles your fancy)


Feb 28 - March 6th
Spring Break/Spring Dreaming/Spring Fever!
We're tired of winter, bring on Spring!

March 7th - 13th
Choose any Giada dish.

March 14th - 20th
Spud Week!
Our tribute to St. Paddy's Day

March 21st - 27th
Arrivederci Giada!
It's been great cooking with you!