Sunday, November 28, 2010

Warm the Belly, Fill the Soul

It's that time of year, the snow that blows is starting to stick and we want to stay inside and just admire it from the cozy confines of our homes, especially the toasty kitchen!
Snow is pretty, from afar... and when somebody else has to shovel it. But it is cold. Face it, we need extra comforting in these months, for body and for soul. And what better way to comfort ourselves than with food?

 Of course I love a warm pig belly for my aching feet!

But we are talking about the dishes that warm the belly, and fill the soul. Slow cooked dishes that give big flavour and fill you up. Mommy-loves-me foods that will stick with you and make you feel safe - even if it is your turn to walk the dogs, take out the garbage, or *shudder* shovel the driveway.

Thick and gooey, warm and toasty, rich and flavourful. Winter comfort foods on this, the edge of winter, that make you forget just how long this season is going to be.

So whip up a comforting Giada dish, from one of her books or online, that Warms the Belly and Fills the Soul. Post it on or by December 5th so we can all share in your tasty dish!
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I Heart Cooking Clubs *Warm the Belly, Fill the Soul* Participants
1. Michelle~Turkey/Artichoke Stuffed Shells w/ Arrabbiata Sauce
2. Yvette- Creamy red pepper soup
3. Pam - Pot Roast with Porcini Mushrooms
4. Joanne - Pumpkin Ravioli with Sage ad Toasted Hazelnuts
5. Tina Marie - lemon chicken noodle soup
6. Hope - Meatloaf
7. DebinHawaii--Little Stars with Butter & Parmesan
8. Natashya - Parmesan Smashed Potatoes
9. Mary w/Rigatoni w/ Mushroom Sauce
10. Kim- Pancetta and Cinnamon Waffles
11. girlichef~ Little Stars w/ Butter & Parmesan
12. Recipe Addict-Short Ribs with Tortellini
13. Lana -Classic Italian Lasagna

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Deb in Hawaii said...

Great post Natashya--very warming. Although it doesn't get too cold here I am all for filling both my belly and my soul with comfort food. ;-)

Heather S-G said...

Ah yes, pork belly always comforts me :) Looking forward to finding something good and warming this week!

Kim said...

Love it! I need one of those warm little pig bellies.

Michelle B said...

Love the warm pig belly. I could go for that right now. Maybe my dog will pretend.

I went with something stuffed this week. Stuffed is comforting to me.

NKP said...

I couldn't resist the warm pig belly from Alice in Wonderland - it was the first thing I thought of!

Deb - I am sure it gets pretty blowy there. We have been having seriously high winds here, making it feel a lot colder than it is.
I hear the west coast is getting lots of snow though.

Yrene MWCAdventure said...

I cooked this lovely warming soup
It is getting really cold outside overhere

pam said...

Love me some warm pig belly!

Tina said...

I like that warm pig belly...funny! Off to see what everyone else has prepared :-0

Kim said...

Tina- I tried leaving a comment on your post and it looks like they were turned off. I'm laughing because I almost chose the same recipe and subbed ramen noodles too. Looks great to me!

Deb in Hawaii said...

Having a crazy week so I went very low effort--Little Stars with Butter & Parmesan. Couldn't be simpler & perfect comfort food. ;-)

NKP said...

Spuds are up! ☺

Kim said...

Just posted my food-coma-inducing pancetta and cinnamon waffles. They should come with a warning :)

Heather S-G said...

I copied Deb and went with adorable little stars this week! Oh, and Kim- those are actually on my list, they do look killer, I'll admit.